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Need Clarification? Here are some of your Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our services. If you need additional information please send an email to info@aaeappraisal.com or genae@aaeappraisal.com.



If I bring an item into the office, do I have to leave it there?

No. Most inspections require only a brief amount of time on site. The remainder of the research can be done from photographs.


How much will my appraisal cost?

Our fees are based on time. If you would like an exact dollar amount, you may ask for a quote before your appraisal begins. One way to economize is to bring all available paperwork regarding your property to our office at one time. This will reduce the amount of research we will have to complete and save you time and money. AAE Appraisal Services, LLC charges a one hour minimum fee.


I don't want to spend a lot of money on something that is worth less than the appraisal cost.

A verbal evaluation is a good option for those who do not know the value of their item. This is a conservative cost service we provide, after which you can decide whether or not to pursue a full appraisal report.


What is provenance?

Provenance is a particularly large concern when it comes to works of art; a documented provenance for a piece demonstrates that it is not a forgery; it was indeed made by the artist given credit for it. The history of previous owners demonstrates also that the work was not stolen, and that a seller has good title to convey to a purchaser.


What is a watermark?

A watermark is a recognizable image or pattern in paper that appears lighter when viewed by transmitted light (or darker when viewed by reflected light, atop a dark background). A watermark is made by impressing a water coated metal stamp or dandy roll onto the paper during manufacturing. Watermarks were first introduced in Bologna, Italy in 1282; they have been used by papermakers to identify thier product, and also on postage stamps, currency, and other government documents to discourage counterfeiting.


Is an art appraisal an art authentication?

No. An appraisal is the act or process of developing an opinion of value, estimating cost, or calculating the present worth of future earnings. Authentication is the scholarly determination of qualitative or extrinsic opinion....Authentication is rarely definitive or absolute.


What is the difference between fair market value and replacement value?

The fair market value is the price at which the property would change hands between a willing buyer and a willing seller, neither being under any compulsion to buy or sell and both having knowledge of relevant facts. While the replacement value is the price required to replace a property with a comparable property to satisfy the description or use of the property to be replaced. Extraneous characteristics (similar age, origin, appearance, provenance, and condition, etc.) and anticipated costs are taken into consideration.


How can I tell if an artwork is a reproduction from an original?

Even an experienced eye can sometimes be fooled without the proper resources. It is always best to consult a professional appraiser.