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Expert Consultation Services for Property Division or Determining a Fair Asking or Buying Price


Consulting Services for your Fine Art - Antiques - Collectibles - Furniture

There are times when our clients only need to know an estimated value of their items of personal property. Perhaps they need to know the fair asking or buying price of their item or items or maybe they want to be able to equally divide items of personal property that have been left in an estate. When a written appraisal is not required, we offer a verbal appraisal or consultation services to assist with establishing estimated values.

At AAE Appraisal Services, LLC, we will:

  1. Examine your items and conduct preliminary market research
  2. Share with you our professional opinion as to the current fair market value

This service can be provided by:

  1. In-office consultations in our Houston office
  2. Mail or email by sending us photographs accompanied by a detailed description of the items and the consultation is conducted by phone
  3. On-site verbal evaluations for estate purposes or large collections

Call us at (713) 542-5552 to discuss our fees and services.

Note:  Please let us know in advance if you are sending photographs or images via mail or email. Payment for verbal consultation services can be paid by providing credit card information by telephone or payment can be mailed to:

AAE Appraisal Services, LLC

2425 West Loop South, Suite 200

Houston, TX  77027