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AAE Appraisal Services

Choose your appraiser wisely

Before you select an appraiser, you should be aware that there are no state or federal laws that regulate the minimum training of a personal property appraiser. This fact has allowed many untrained or under-qualified individuals to pose as appraisers. It is important that you make an informed choice about the appraiser you are about to hire.

Questions that you want to ask before hiring an appraiser include:

1.  What is the appraisers formal educational background.

2.  Are they Accredited or Certified through a recognized Appraisers Association.

3.   What is their specialty area.


Rest Assured

An appraisal report from AAE Appraisal Services will be well-researched and documented. Our appraisals are written in conformity with and are subject to the International Society of Appraisers' Appraisal Report Writing Standard, as well as The Appraisal Foundation's Uniform Standard of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and to the ISA Code of Ethics. We pledge that all information obtained in the course of an appraisal will be held in the strictest confidence and released only at the request of the client.

Your appraisal report will include details about your appraised item, including photographs, a detailed description, and current value.

Based in Houston, Texas, we serve clients all across Texas and throughout the country. You can rely on AAE Appraisal Services to provide an unbiased, expert appraisal of your items.

We specialize in the appraisal of the following:

  • Antiques
  • Collectibles
  • Decorative Arts
  • Designer/Vintage Clothing
  • Fine Arts (Paintings, Prints, Drawings, Sculpture)                                                
  • Oriental & Specialty Rugs

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