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Serving Your Appraisal Needs


The AAE Appraisal Process:  What You Can Expect 

What is the appraisal process procedure?

Whether you bring your property to us or we come to you, the subsequent procedure will be followed:

During the initial examination, we will:

  • Conduct a thorough examination of your property.
  • Review the condition of your property.
  • Take detailed measurements and notes.
  • Take photographs of your property.

After the initial examination, we will:

  • Research your property.
  • Study available information regarding your property.
  • Assign a value to your property.
  • Enter all information into a formal report.
  • Mail your final appraisal.

What can you expect from us?

  • Professional and courteous answers to your questions.
  • Complete descriptions of your property.
  • Duplicate reports (one copy for you and one for your insurance company).
  • Photographs of your property.
  • Complete confidentiality.

In Order For Us To Complete A Thorough Document For You, It Is Extremely Important For Us To Have Access To The Following Information Listed Below:

  • Previous appraisal reports.
  • Sales Receipts.
  • Repair receipts.
  • Adequate time to do the best job possible.

Fees:  For written reports we bill by the hour plus expenses (such as travel if necessary) unless it is a large project that may benefit all parties by agreeing in advance on a set fee.  Compensation is paid for time spent on-site, preparation of a written report and ordinary research time. 

For clients who are mainly interested in ascertaining the value of their art or antique, an informal evaluation may be more appropriate than the expense of a formal written report.  This kind of evalution is not appropriate for tax purposes, insurance, or any other formal purpose and should not be expected to address questions of authenticity.  Our fee for informal evaluations is $150.00 for each work of art or antique.  Compensation is to be paid at time of service.