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Estate Planning for Peace of Mind


Estate Appraisals

Estate Planning and Probate

Creating an estate plan establishes financial security and peace of mind. A professional estate appraisal is an important part of protecting the value of your estate, preparing you in creating a will, settling an estate, dividing assets in a divorce, buying insurance or selling your valuables. You will take comfort in knowing that all of your items will be evaluated with complete care and accuracy.

Thorough Estate Appraisal Services

Whether you represent a law firm, accounting firm, or a loved one, it is important to have all possessions properly appraised. At AAE Appraisal Services, LLC we will take the time and do the research necessary to provide you with an up-to-date estate valuation.

Accurate Estate Tax Appraisals...Probate Appraisals

Estate tax appraisals are necessary for federal tax purposes, or for state probate in the execution of a will. Probate can be a particularly difficult process without adequate estate planning. Let AAE Appraisal Services help you with all of your estate appraisal needs. You will receive personalized and accurate appraisal reports that will be professonally prepared to the highest standards set by our industry and because we value your privacy, all photos and documents are kept confidential.

AAE Appraisal Services, LLC provides:

  • A thorough on-site inspection
  • Market research and written reports which outline the fair market value of each item in the estate
  • Professional appraisal assessments of probate cases for the express purpose of determining federal, state, and/or probate tax liability
  • Liquidation services for select items and/or collections

Consignment & Liquidation

With a unique network of private buyers, dealers, and auction houses, AAE Appraisal Services, LLC offers consignment and liquidation services for select single items or entire collections.

To avoid conflict of interest and abiding by the code of eithics of the International Society of Appraisers, we do not buy items which we appraise.

Liquidation Services for Estates:

In such instances as retirement, inheritance, down-sizing, relocation, divorce or death, one may choose to unburden himself or herself of select possessions. We offer counsel in making the difficult decisions related to estate disposition; what to keep, what to donate, what to sell, what is valuable and what is not. With professional and experienced eyes we recognize valuable items within your estate that may have been previously overlooked. Serving as your agent in coordinating the "cleaning out" of estates and property liquidation, we can be particularly helpful in the cases where the heir or personal representative will not or cannot perform the liquidation. Since we do not buy items that we appraise, we act only as agent in the liquidation.

Liquidation of Single Items or a Whole Collection:

As a convenience for our clients, we offer consignment opportunitites on select items to those who wish to sell personal property through AAE Appraisal Services, LLC. 

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